Espresso Extraction

  1. Pre-heat the glass the beverage will be served in and place under porta-filter.
  2. Begin grinding beans by turning on grinder.
  3. Immediately remove porta-filter, knock out old grounds into a tamp box, and wipe basket dry with a cloth.
  4. As coffee is still grinding dose enough coffee to fill the basket and stop the grinder.
  5. Level the grounds in the basket by pulling them forward and then pushing them to the opposite side until the whole basket is evenly filled.
  6. Take the tamper and press down with 5 pounds of pressure.  Gently knock the porta-filter with the back of the tamper and press down with 30 pounds of pressure.  Polish the surface by turning 720 while pressing with about 20 pounds of pressure.
  7. Let 2 ounces of water flow through group head.
  8. Place porta-filter in group head and turn on pump.
  9. When espresso begins to flow, start timing.
  10. Stop the flow of espresso after 25 seconds, after 1.5 ounces has been brewed, or after it begins to turn slightly lighter in color.