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At the Coffee Research Institute, we have a vast array of literature resources available for in-depth research. We can help you with any questions about coffee ranging from chemistry to agriculture. Our basic plans revolve around performing literature searches on research articles written about coffee in primary scientific journals and the more obscure coffee journals that are often difficult to get in the United States. More detailed analysis and recommendations can also be performed, where we build upon the literature search by recommending better experimental methods that will save you time and money.

We charge $30 per hour of research performed. This is significantly less expensive than our competitors, but with our efficient searching capabilities we can keep our prices low. A typical one to two hour quick look into the literature will often yield most of the basic answers you seek. Therefore, we recommend beginning at this level. If you are happy with the progress and seek additional information and analysis we would be happy to continue our search. All of our services are guaranteed. If we return no or very few answers, you pay nothing.

Payments are made using PayPal. By clicking on the button below you will be taken to the secure PayPal website to process your request. You can pay with any major credit card using this method. Simply select the number of hours of research you desire, e-mail us at with a detailed description, and we will process your request in less than one week. Most requests are processed the same day. We request that your payment be submitted before we begin the consultations services. However, we will not process your payment until the services are rendered.

To continue, please select the button below. Once payment is received you will be brought to additional page where you can add additional details and requests. Alternatively, you can simply e-mail us with these request or any questions you might have. Our e-mail address is

Profits from our consultation services, will go directly to the support of this website. Thank you for helping us continue to provide this free resource to those interested in pursuing coffee quality through science and education.

Consulting Services: $30 per hour.

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