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Haitian Coffee Beans

Haitian coffee is described as sweet, smooth, and medium bodied. 

Haitian Coffee Cultivation

Coffee farming in Haiti has decreased due to a drop in coffee prices, poor road conditions, and political instability. In the early 1990's coffee cultivation in Haiti was affected by trade embargos, as well as coffee rust, a fungal disease that attacked the coffee bean plant. Haitian coffee production should increase in the coming years after it fully recovers from these setbacks.

Haitian Bleu Green Coffee Beans

Haitian Bleu coffee is a relatively new specialty coffee in the Caribbean region. It was introduced to the area in 1995, at a time when the Haitian's coffee market was suffering. Haitian bleu coffee growers hand pick the coffee cherries, using shade-grown farming methods and wet processing techniques to yield these unique blue-green colored beans. Haitian green coffee beans are also fair trade certified, playing an important role in the livelihood of Haitian coffee farmers. Haitian bleu retailers and those who buy Haiti coffee are helping support one of the poorest populations in the Western Hemisphere.

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