Coffee Brewing

Coffee Basics : A Quick and Easy Guide by Kevin Knox.  This is the first book I read about coffee, and is the book that I attribute to harvesting my passion for coffee.  Kevin Knox was the Specialty Coffee buyer for Starbucks®, and he uses his experience to describe in precise detail how to prepare an excellent cup of coffee.  Do not let the title be deceiving.  This book is much more than basic.  I highly recommend this book to anyone somewhat new to this industry.

The Basics of Brewing Coffee by Ted Lingle.  This title is a must for coffeehouses to brew the best coffee possible.  Ted Lingle is the Executive Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

The Basics of Cupping Coffee by Ted Lingle.  This handbook describes in detail the cupping process and cupping terms.  I recommend this book highly for anyone who is serious about coffee.

The Coffee Brewer's Handbook by Ted Lingle.  This book is more detailed than the Basics of Brewing Coffee and is a must for any serious coffee house or passionate coffee consumer.

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