Coffee University: Coffee University was developed by Illycaffe and is taught by Illycafe representatives. Classes are available in wide-ranging subject matters. See for more information including dates and prices.

The Italian Coffee Academy: A coffee course offered by Sandalj Trading, the premier distributor of fine espresso coffees to Europe. Topics include sensorial evaluation of blends and single origins, espresso cupping techniques, and Italian espresso training.

ABIC: ABIC offers excellent and extensive courses in cupping, defect detection, and brewing. The course is only offered in Portuguese, but is highly recommended. See for more information or write Teresa Pinto at .

SCAA: The Specialty Coffee Association of America offers a number of courses to its members. Please visit their site for more information

Agtron: Carl Staub of Agtron offers a fantastic course in roasting based upon the scientific principles of roast development. He can be reached at:
9395 Double "R" Blvd
Reno, NV 89511
Phone: 1-702-850-4600
Fax: 1-702-850-4611

El Camino College: El Camino offers a semester course in espresso machine maintenance. Information from this program can be furnished by the SCAA or SCI.

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